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Proper Beer

The beer that started it all. Our flagship ale is perfectly balanced: not too malty, not too hoppy – just right. English Maris Otter pale malt, German Pilsener malt, English hops, and an American yeast come together to make the Proper Beer big in flavor, but easy to drink. Notes of bread crust, sweet barley, and a balanced bitterness combine for a perfect pint. Belly up to the bar, slam your fist down, and order a Proper Beer!

Blizzard Wizard

According to legend, the blizzard wizard resides in a cave in an ancient mountain stronghold. Deep inside, he summons his powers to concoct magical elixirs. In this brew the hops have been culled one by one to conjure up flavors and aromas both bright and citrusy, resulting in a hazy pale ale with a crisp finish.

City of Gold

To possess any amount of gold seems to ignite an insatiable desire to obtain more. In our search to reinvent this classic golden pale ale, immeasurable riches and flavor have been discovered. Brewed with a heavy dose of El Dorado Hops, City of Gold is bursting with juicy pineapple and tropical notes with a balanced bitterness that will ignite your lust for all things gold.

Czech Your Head

This beer works magic like a magician and adds it up like a mathematician. We brewed a classic Bohemian Pilsner with Czech and German ingredients and a traditional cold layering process. We won’t change up this style just to fit in, it’s perfectly balanced between dry, crackers malt and sharp Saaz hops add more spice notes than the Frugal Gourmet. This beer is a tribute to those who come correct and even into the next millennium, it’ll still be old school. Yeah, you can’t front on that.

Hopothetical IPA

Hopothetically speaking, what if we told you we brewed beer chock full of tropical hops flavor and aroma – but with none of the bitterness? Our mad scientists here at Proper may wear rubber boots instead of lab coats, but there is no question there’s a science to their art. A little oats and wheat lend the beer body, and plenty of fruit-forward hops added only during the later stages of the brewing process brings you a round, well-balanced, softly juicy, and aromatic brew.

Jump the Shark

Originating in New England, this juicy take on a classic California style has taken the beer world by storm. For our Proper version, we headed up to Inspiration Point to create a perfectamundo brew that would rival and Cali kid. Chock full of citrus and sweet tropical hop flavors and barely-there bitterness, our Double Hazy IPA Jumps the Shark of the old classic style. Because it’s not about where you’ve been, it’s about how cool you look getting there. Aaaaayyyyyy.

Lake Effect

Lake Effect is a tribute to “Randall” Pink Floyd, the legendary rogue flamingo that resided at the Great Salt Lake. An Archaic, German-style ale brewed with over 50% wheat, coriander, and local salt, our Gose has a unique flavor profile. Unfiltered with a creamy yellow color, this wheat ale is full-bodied with a floral space character, while sour, tangy, and extra refreshing at the the same time. You gotta drink what “Randall” Pink Floyd wants to drink.

Lei Effect

Does the flap of a flamingo’s wings in Hawaii set off a luau in Utah? To find out, we fermented an archaic beer style from Germany with tropical fruit and salt mined from an ancient Utah seabed, and the result shows these diverse influences are as refreshing as they are global. Passionfruit and Guava grow abundantly on the Hawaiian islands, and their natural acidity marry with this beer’s lactic tartness and complement its complex salt characteristics. Guaranteed to get you lei’d!


Have you ever found yourself seeking revenge on a mythical and possibly nonexistent jaguar shark that has eaten your best friend? If so, we recommend putting down the dynamite and picking up a Revenge double IPA. With an aggressive bitterness and lighter malt profile for a greater drinkability, it’s the perfect brew to fuel all your expeditions. What’s the scientific purpose for drinking this beer you ask? Revenge! We hear it’s best served cold.

Whispers of the Primordial Sea

Invoke the energy of the spirits of fire with Whispers of the Primordial Sea. We’ve heeded the beckoning of this crisp Hell lager with the addition of sweet pineapple puree entwined with plum wood smoked malt. Descend into the depths of the sea and drift in the waves of flavor.

Yacht Rock Juice Box

Grab your shades, boat shoes, and finest Hawaiian shirt, and climb aboard the ‘Juice box.’ On deck, the ‘Doobie Bounce’ will sweep away your worries as you sail through an ocean of good vibes. The fruit-forward hops we added during the whirlpool and dry hop stages leave the bitterness onshore to ensure a super juicy brew. Flaked and German wheat create a smoothness that rivals only the smoothest of tunes, so snag yourself a boat soda and enjoy the ride.

Seasonal Beer

Seasonal Beer

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